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I came to Samved Hospital from Tanzania for the treatment of my enlarged Prostate and Kidney stone. The staff was extremely kind to me and Dr. Desai was an extremely confident and brilliant surgeon. Both the operations were done with endoscopic laser treatment and I hardly felt that I went through two operations. The stone was removed by the technique of UMP ( Ultra-Mini PCNL) which is the latest technique of stone removal ; it is invented by Dr. Janak Desai himself. I came back with very pleasant memories of the hospital and the wonderful treatment offered.

[ Peter T K Kerreti- Tanzania- (Ph): +255784600492 (713,767), (E-mail): ptkerreti@bot.go.tz]


I take this opportunity to thank His Mighty Allah the Great by giving us the strength and the health to travel from Oman to India, Ahmadabad to Samved Hospital for medical treatment where we met a group of Doctors.

Under this lovely and peaceful atmosphere I would like to express my sincere gratitude and happiness to the team of Doctors at SAMVED HEALTH CARE HOSPITAL UROLOGY DEPT. under Dr Desai and his assistant Dr Ronak leader ships. Also all my thanks to other Doctors who have participated in my surgical of radical prostatectomy.

This remarkable surgery success will not be forgotten by me and the rest of my family. Off course this medical achievement has been attained through HIS MIGHTY ALLAH'S BLESSINGS, and through the keenest medical experience and the Doctors professionalism.

Once again I would like to extend my love, trust and loyalty for the ethic medical performance which have turned my life from misery to happiness.

Also I would like to thank all the team of Doctors, nurses, administrators and all the hygiene team for their dedication and hard work while I was hospitalized.

My son Hamed and his mother my wife Mrs. Habiba have been a crucial sentiment key players for their role to let me cope with the ordeal. Their moral support and devotion have always been a pivot tool for the smooth running of my medical treatment abroad. Also my love and recognition for my children and my family’s love, tranquility and support.

My message to patient’s who have similar complications and seek medical treatments Samved Medicare hospital has the best solutions.

[ Nasser Saleem Mohammed al Shukairi ( Sultanate of Oman)]

We would like to thank Dr. Janak Desai and all his wonderful team for all their loving care and support. You made us feel so at home at Samved Hospital.

Every step of the way from corresponding with Dr. Janak Desai to the time when the surgery was performed seemed effortless, smooth running and very efficient.

Dr. Janak Desai is not only an extremely experienced and knowledgeable doctor, but warm, encouraging, attentive and so approachable. A wonderful experience and excellent service throughout. Very impressive indeed !!

[ Henri Barrallon ( Seychelles)]

It is with great joy for me and my family after I was discharged from Samved hospital on
23 december 2008. After the prostate cancer surgery through radical prospectory by Dr. janak Desai, I have been living a more healthier life.

The chief consultant urologist, Dr Desai and his team of doctors and nurses are very kind to all their patients. Even after I have left the hospital, the doctor is still taking care of me by monitoring my PSA test results. It is really great being treated at Samved hospital.

[ Chief Otems Otaka Eme, Lagos-Nigeria]
It was really a soothing experience for me all the time when I was admitted in Samved Hospital. Even after the Cancer prostate surgery of Radical Prostatectomy, there was a revelation of a new life for me as the doctors and other staff had very positive and loving attitude. My post-operative recovery was smooth and I was able to void urine normally; there was no leakage of urine and I resumed office in 15 days time.
[ Mr. Matthew M. Omenife, Nigeria]
Samved Hospital is a very well equipped, neat and clean hospital, facilitating treatment and recovery of patients in all respects- from pre-operative to post operative period. I had undergone a surgery of extraction of a large Kidney stone by Intra Corporeal Pneumatic Lithotripsy (PCNL) and everything had gone smoothly; I was out of the hospital in 3 days and back to office in 5 days time.
[ Mark Reubens ]
I had been admitted for the problem of benign enlargement for Prostate which had been treated by GreenLight laser (KTP Laser) by Dr. Janak Desai in Samved Hospital. The treatment was non invasive and there was absolutely no bleeding. I was eating and taking fluids within 2 hours of surgery and ready to go home in less than 24 hours (without the catheter).
[ Mr. Ishwarlal B Lakhani, Tanzania]
I got treated for my haematuria problem at Samved Hospital. There was a large bladder tumour removed by endoscopic laser resection. The quality of service was absolutely 'A'-Class and I recovered well in a short time. The value for money is very good; I felt like being in a five-star hotel.
[ Williams C. Holeman - Zambia]
During my In house experience, I had a real understanding to treat patients suffering from the urological diseases right from detection of the disease to the treatment or surgery. This experience will be very much useful for me while practicing my own; I thank Samved Hospital for their courtesy. After going back to my country I will start PCNL programme in my hospital.
[ Dr. Louay, Saudi Arabia ]
I am really grateful to Samved Hospital for providing a very genuine know how of handling different types of patients with urological problems. My thoughts towards invasive as well as non invasive methods of treatment including major surgeries in urinary tract and bladder were really rinsed up giving a fine guideline to me. After learning PCNL here I will start this programme in Vietnam
[ Dr. Duong Van, Vietnam]
During my observership at Samved Hospital, I had a great opporunity to learn PCNL. The workload was immense and in just two days I saw 8 different PCNL procedures. I was spellbound to see the puncture technique - the average time taken for the entire PCNL was 20 min. Samved Hospital is an excellent hospital to learn Endo-Urology.
[ Dr. Raj Gowda, United Kingdom]
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