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Our hospital is now NABH accredited for Patient Safety and Quality of Care by Quality Council of India.
(National Accrediation Board for Hospital and Healthcare Providers)

"Dr. Janak Desai has invented a new technique of Kidney Stone removal it is called ULTRA MINI PCNL (UMP). Dr. Janak Desai and Dr. Ronak Solanki have done UMP workshops in Germany, London, Hongkong, Bangladesh etc.,"

Kidney Surgery Breakthrough
- Dr. Janak Desai
With the Hong Kong Urologists
"Dr. Janak Desai was invited to Hong Kong ( Feb 2012) to deliver two lectures on how to remove Kidney stones by endoscopic methods"

"Dr. Janak Desai was invited to Guangzhou (China) to demonstrate some endoscopic surgeries for Kidney stones. He demonstrated RIRS (Flexible Ureteroscopy for Kidney stone removal) and also Ultra-Mini PCNL. This technique of Ultra-Mini PCNL is pioneered by Dr. Janak Desai and is promoted by him in the world."

The President of the Chinese Urology Association -
Prof. Ye Zhangqun
Dr. Janak Desai
Dr. Janak Desai was invited by the Royal Society of Medicine - Urology section to deliver the "John David" oration in the Annual meeting in London - 13th May 2011.
Dr. Janak Desai conducted a workshop at the County Hospital at Timisoara (Romania) recently and successfully operated on a patient having a large Renal stone. He did a PCNL (Per cutaneous Nephrolithotripsy) with an Upper calyx puncture. He also delivered several talks on Urology-Stone disease, Prostate etc. for the department of Urology there. He was conferred a degree of 'Visiting Professor" by the University of Timisoara (Romania).

Samved Hospital has treated chief ministers, Industrialists and International patients. The hospital maintains a leadership role in conducting International workshops. Prof. Patrick Walsh (Johns Hopkins University) was invited at Samved Hospital by Dr. Janak Desai.

Prof. Patrick Walsh
Prof. Tilman Kaelble
Earlier Prof. Paul Van Cangh (Belgium) and
Prof. Tilman Kaelble (Germany) were also invited at Samved Hospital to do workshops.
Prof. Paul Van Cangh

The Hospital is very well known for treatment of Urinary Stones, Prostate Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Bladder & Testis Cancer.

Most of the newer technology in Urology and Imaging e.g. CT-Scan, MRI, Isotope Scan etc are installed at Samved Hospital as soon as they get approved in European or American hospitals.

Dr. Janak Desai is a Senior Urologist with an extensive experience in Endoscopic Surgeries and Urological Cancer Surgeries. He was a council member of Indian Urology Association and Member of various International Organisations. He is invited to do Radical Prostatectomy (for cancer prostate) and PCNL (for Kidney Stones) at various conferences in India and Abroad.
Dr. Shefali Desai specializes in Laparoscopic surgery and also teaches surgeons at the Kesar-SAL Medical College and Hospital.
Dr. Janak Desai
"Inauguration of Teaching Centre in Sanghai, by Dr. Janak Desai"
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