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At present one of the Directors of Samved Hospital and chief Urologist at Samved Medicare. First M.Ch - Urologist from Gujarat University. Trained in Urology in Germany and USA with the inventors of PCNL, Ureteroscopy and world renowned Uro-Oncologists like Prof. Patrick Walsh and Prof. Hohenfellner.

  • Founder President of Gujarat Urology Association
  • Was invited to deliver the "John David" lecture during the Royal Society of Medicine-Urology section Annual meeting in London - 13th May 2011.
  • Was invited to do a workshop on PCNL alongwith Dr. Olivier Traxer (Paris) and Dr. Udo Nagele (Austria), at the Institute of Urology - London; 12th May 2011.
  • Was invited as faculty at the Institute of Urology ( University College London ) to do a PCNL demonstration. The PCNL course was conducted by the Institute of Urology on 10th & 11th May 2010 and Dr. Janak Desai was invited to give a few lectures and do PCNL surgery.
  • Was invited by the British Association of Urological surgeons – BAUS Endourology section to deliver the “Malcolm Coptcoat Lecture” in their Annual meeting at Norwich on 23rd April 2009.
  • Was invited by the University of Southern Texas (San Antonio) as visiting Prof. to do the grand rounds on 4th, 5th, 6th May 2009.
  • Special interest in Uro-Oncology and EndoUrology. Has conducted workshops on Endourology and Uro-oncology at National and International levels. Was invited for surgery demonstrations in foreign countries including Germany, SriLanka, Bangladesh, Nepal etc
  • Honarary consultant urologist and chief of Uro-Oncology at Gujarat Cancer and Research Institute from the last 13 years and 4 years respectively.
  • Has presented several scientific papers in International conferences all over the world. Has been invited to Chair scientific sessions abroad and also invited to conduct workshops abroad.
  • Was awarded P.R. Trivedi Oration for the year 2003-2004 by the Gujarat State IMA (Mehsana).
  • Was invited by IMA Mumbai in Feb 2005 to deliver a talk on PCNL and Robotic surgery.
  • Did a workshop on “Cancer Prostate” with Prof. Patrick Walsh (Johns Hopkins, USA) in March 2006.
  • Did a workshop with Prof. Paul Van Cangh (Belgium) and Prof. Tilman Kaelble (Germany) on Uro-Oncology, in March 2003.
  • Convenor of Uro-Oncology in the Urology Society of India National Meetings.
  • Member of various International Medical associations e.g. American Urology Association ; Society International Urology etc. Ex-President of Ahmedabad Urological Association. Council member of the Urology Society of India.
  • One of the pioneers in starting Endoscopic surgery in Gujarat – Has done more than 10000 endoscopic surgeries so far. Pioneer in PCNL and Ureteroscopic surgery. One of the leading Endo-Urologist and Uro-Oncologist of the country.
  • One of the leading experts on PCNL, URS & Radical Prostatectomies.
  • Was the Organising secretary of the Urology Society of India National meeting in Jan 2005. (USICON 2005).
  • Was invited to Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi with Prof. Ian Thompson (USA) to deliver talks on Cancer Prostate to various zonal members of USI.
  • Involved in four clinical trials – one with AMGEN (USA). This is a double-blind trial for Denusumab.. The second trial with Johnson & Johnson , the third with Astra-Zeneca and the fourth with Pfizer (USA).
  • Was university Tennis Champion in 1975. Was All India Intermedical tennis champion in 1978. Participated actively in debate competitions during medical school days. Won the All India Intermedical debate competition trophy in 1979.
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