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Name : Dr. Janak D. Desai M.S. , M.Ch (Urology)
  Date of Birth : 13th April,1958
  Sex : Male
  Permanent Address : Samved Hospital
Near Ishita Apartments, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad
  Phone No : +91 79 26431616 / 26420285
  E-mail :



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All my formal education has been in English.
S.S.C. (High School) : From June’63 to June’74 at Lourdes Convent High School, Surat.
  Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S.) : From June’76 to Oct’80 at B.J. Medical College & Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad
  Intership (Compulsory Rotating
Housemanship) :
From Dec’80 to Dec’81
  Master of Surgery (M.S.- Gen.
Surgery) :
From Jan’82 to Dec’84
  Chief Resident(Senior Registrar) : From Jan’85 to Oct’85
  Master of Chirurgie Training (M.Ch.) From Nov’85 to Oct’87
M.Ch Urology at the B.J.Medical College & Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad.
Sports :
  • Was University Tennis Champion in 1979 (in pre-science)
  • Was All India Inter-Medical Tennis Doubles Champion in 1980.
  Gymkhana : Nominated as a member of the Gymkhana in 1978 by the Dean of the college. The college Gymkhana coordinated and conducts all undergraduate academic and recreational activities.
  College Magazine : Was associated editor of the B.J. Medical College where students and teachers contribute medical and literary articles. The Editor and Associate Editor are responsible for selection of advertisements and publications and distribution of magazine.
  Debates and Public Meeting :
  • Was awarded the Lal-Bahadur Shastri Debate Competition Team Trophy in 1978.
  • Was awarded the All India Inter-Medical Debate Competition Team Trophy in 1980
  • Was adjudged runner-up in the Orator of the year competition in B.J.Medical 1979.
From 1st Dec’87 to 5th Jan’88 : Training of ESWL at the R.G.Stone Clinic, Bombay.
  From 6th Feb’88 to 4th March’88 : Training of ESWL & PCNL in Germany, Vienna & USA.
  Training Under :
  • Prof. Planz-Fulda (Germany)
  • Prof. Hohenfellner-Mainz (Germany)
  • Prof.Marberger-Vienna (Austria)
  • Prof. Arther Smith (USA)
The training of ESWL was on Siemens “Lithostar” & Wolf’s “Piezolith 2300”.
From 1st April 1988 worked as the Chief Consultant Urologist at the Lithotripsy Centre,M.P. Shah Cancer Hospital, Ahmedabad.
Working as a Consultant Urologist (Private Practice) from May’98.
Training of Endo-Urology under Prof.Arthur Smith (Long Island Jewish Medical Centre, New York) for one and a half months in May to June 1989.
  Training of Endo-Urology under Prof.Dretler (Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston) in May 1991.
  Training of Andrology with Prof.Goldstein (Boston University Hospital, Boston) in May 1990.
  Conducted a workshop on PCNL at Dhaka (BanglaDesh) in Oct 1999
  Conducted a workshop on PCNL in Fulda (Germany) in Sept. 2004
  Conducted a workshop on PCNL in Kathmandu (Nepal) for the Asian School of urology.
Honorary consultant Uro-oncologist and chief of Uro-Oncology at the Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute (1st March, 1993).
  Training of Uro-oncology with Prof.William Fair at Sloan-Keterring Memorial Hospital, New York in April to May 1995.
  Training of Uro-Oncology with Dr.Jerome Richie at Brigham & Women’s Hospital (Harvard University), Boston in April 1995 and Sept’97.
  Conducted an “International Workshop in Uro-Oncology” at Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute in Dec’95.
  Conducted about 15 Workshops on Endo-Urology in various cities of India and neighboring countries.
  Conducted a workshop on Uro-Oncology with Prof. Paul Van Cangh (Belgium) and Prof. Tilman Kaelble (Germany) in 2003 March.
  Conducted a workshop on “Cancer Prostate” with Prof. Patrick Walsh (Johns Hopkins , USA) in March 2006.
  Conducted a breakfast session on “Cancer Prostate” (for postgraduates) at the Indian National Conference at Varanasi, Feb 2006.
  Participated in a Debate “Should PSA be done in a man aged 74 who has LUTS” at the Indian National conference at Patna , Feb 2007.
  Did a lecture series with Prof. Ian Thompson (San-Antonio, USA) – “On Cancer Prostate” at Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi for the different zones of India. (Jan-2008)
  Did a lecture series with Prof. Schulman (Belgium) at Delhi – Feb 2008
I started Lithotripsy (ESWL) treatment from May 1988 after the installation of the Siemens Lithotripter (Lithostar) at our institute. I have treated 8000 patients on Lithotripsy (ESWL) so far. From April’90 I started a programme of the PCNL (Percutaneous Nephrolithotripsy) and URS (Ureteroscopy) and by this time I have finished 1200 cases of PCNL and 500 cases of URS.
Participated as a panelist in a seminar on “Modern Methods of Stone Management”- Urological Society of Indian National Conference held in Patna in Sept’98.
  Presented a video on Lithotripsy in the Golden Jubilee ASI Conference (Association of Surgeons of India) held in Dec’98- New Delhi

Three papers read in the National Conference of Urological Society of India held in Ahmedabad in Sept’89.

  • Pediatric ESWL - a study of 52 cases.
  • Morbidity associated with indwelling internal ureteral stents inserted prior to shockwave lithotripsy.
  • ESWL on solitary kidneys - study of 32 cases.

One paper read in the National Conference of Urological Society of India held inCalicut in Sept’90.

  • Post Lithotripsy Renal parenchymal changes judged by MRI.
CANADA : Lectures delivered on “Indian Experience on Modern Management of stone disease - with reference to ESWL McMaster University; Hamilton; Canada (June 1991)
  Conducted a workshop on Endo-urology in Augut 1991 on behalf of the Indian Society of Endoscopic Surger
GOA : Imaging Update 1990’s Lecture delivered in Goa (Maharashtra Radiological Association) in Sept 1991 on Lithotripsy and PCNL.
SPAIN : Two presentations made in the 22nd Congress of “Societe Internationale D “Urologie” held in November 1991 1991 (3rd to 7th) in Sevilla, Spain. Selected chairman of a scientific session on Ureterorenoscopy (Nov’1991).
  Conducted a workshop on PCNL (live demonstration) in Nov.1991 (23rd Nov.’91) on behalf of Gujarat State Chapter.
AUSTRALIA : One presentation made on Ureteroscopy in the VIIth International Symposium on Urolithiasis in Cairns, Australia (August 1992).
SINGAPORE : One presentation on “Endopyelotomy for Ureteropelvic junction obstruction” made in the 10th World congress on Endo-Urology & ESWL at Singapore (Sept.1992).
ITALY : One presentation on “PCNL Puncture by a horizontal tilt of C-arm” made at Florence in the 11th World congress on Endo-Urology & ESWL (Oct.1993).
  Conducted a workshop on PCNL & Ureteroscopy at Patna (29th to 30th July 1995).
ISRAEL : One presentation on “Urocoil for Recurrent Urethral Strictures” made at Jerusalem in the 13th World Congress on Endo-Urology & ESWL (Nov.1995)
  Conducted a workshop on PCNL & Ureteroscopy at Mahuva (6th to 7th Jan.1996).
  • Paper read on “PCNL in upper Ureteric Stones” at Melbourne in the 14th Endo-Urology and ESWL Congress (Nov.1996)
  • Another presentation on “Memotherm in Urethral Stricturers” at Melbourne (Nov.1996).
  • Third presentation on “Diverting Diversions After Total Cystectomy” (Nov.1996).
CANADA : Attended the SIU Meeting in 1997.
GREECE : Attended the World Endourology Meeting in Sept’99.
SWEDEN : Attended the SIU meeting and chaired a video session on Paediatric Urology in Sep-02.
USA : Attended the AUA meeting at Chicago
USA : Attended the AUA meeting at San-Fransisco
Amsterdam : Attended the European meeting on Cancer Prostate
USA : Attended the AUA meeting in Anaheim
Vietnam : Attended the Asian Meeting on Erectile dysfunction and Cancer Kidney.
MALAYSIA : Was a faculty for the Cancer Prostate meeting in Feb 2008
NEPAL : Conducted a workshop on PCNL at Kathmandu for the Asian School of Urology – March 2008
U.K. : ‘Malcolm Coptcoat Lecture’ Dr. Janak Desai was invited by BAUS – Endourology Society (British Association of Urological Surgeons) to deliver the prestigious ‘Malcolm Coptcoat Lecture’ during their annual meeting at Norwich, UK on 23rd ,24th April 2009. He is the only Asian to given this honour.
USA : Dr. Janak Desai was invited by the University of Southern Texas (San Antonio) as a visiting professor to give Grand Rounds on 4th May, 2009.
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