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We run specialized Clinics for ‘CANCER PROSTATE’ and ‘STRESS INCONTINENCE’. We give detailed consultations on Prostate Cancer and take sonography guided biopsies after doing an PSA test.
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International observers : Samved Hospital gets International observers from various countries to learn PCNL and other Endourology procedures. Urologists have come from Saudi-Arabia, Libya, SriLanka , Bangladesh , Nepal , Germany, Turkey, USA, France and China.
Robotic Urology
Robotic surgery is a type of minimally invasive surgery. “Minimally invasive” means that instead of operating ;.....
Lithotripsy* For Kidney Stone
We are the pioneers of Lithotripsy for kidney stones in India and we are a Full ‘ Stone Management Center’.....
KTP (Green Light) Laser for Prostate
Benign enlargement for Prostate is treated by KTP (Green Light) PVP laser for prostate. There is no bleeding and the patients ......
Endoscopic Treatment For Kidney Stones
Endoscopic treatment is a technique where Kidney stones are removed by a small puncture in the back (key-hole surgery) and.....
Laser treatment For Ureteric Stones
Laser treatment is a technique where Ureteric stones are removed by introducing a scope through the urethra and......
Holmium Laser
Samved Hospital specializes in doing RIRS (Retrograde Intra-Renal Surgery) with flexible Ureteroscopes.
Radical Prostatectomy For Prostate Cance
Radical Prostatectomy surgery is done for Cancer Prostate. The entire prostate gland with the seminal vesicles are removed.....
Laparoscopic Procedures
Anorectal Diseases
Trauma Care......
Dr Janak Desai - Prostate Cancer Stages & Overview Of Treatment - Wellness & Health Care Interview by Dr Meena Shah
Dr Janak Desai discusses the increasing trend for miniaturisation of fluoroscopy equipment. Dr Desai presents findings from recent literature on PCNL and hypothesises that the evolution of endourology relies upon miniaturisation. This lecture was filmed for the event 'Key Issues in Endourology' at the RSM, London on Friday, 20th October 2017.
Dr. Janak Desai has invented a new technique of Kidney Stone removal – it is called ULTRA – MINI PCNL (UMP).
Dr. Janak Desai and Dr. Ronak Solanki have done UMP workshops in Germany, London, Hongkong, Bangladesh etc.,
"Dr. Janak Desai was invited to
Hong Kong ( Feb 2012) to deliver two lectures on how to remove Kidney stones by endoscopic methods"

"Dr. Janak Desai was invited to Guangzhou (China) to demonstrate some endoscopic surgeries for Kidney stones. He demonstrated RIRS (Flexible Ureteroscopy for Kidney stone removal) and also Ultra-Mini PCNL. This technique of Ultra-Mini PCNL is pioneered by Dr. Janak Desai and is promoted by him in the world."
Dr. Janak Desai delivered the prestigeous "John David oration" in the Annual meeting of the Royal Society of Medicine - London; on
13th May 2011.

Dr. Janak Desai conducted a workshop on PCNL (alongwith Prof. Olivier Traxer of Paris and Dr. Udo Nagela of Austria) at the Institute of Urology, London -- May 12th 2011.
Dr. Janak Desai was invited as faculty at the Institute of Urology ( University College London ) to do a PCNL demonstration. The PCNL course was conducted by the Institute Of Urology on 10th & 11th May 2010 and Dr. Janak Desai was invited to give a few lectures and do PCNL surgery.
Did a live workshop on PCNL
in the National Urology meeting in
Sri-Lanka in Nov. 2008
and also in the National Urology meeting
of Bangladesh in Feb. 2009.

Dr. Janak Desai conducted a workshop at the County Hospital at Timisoara, Romania recently and successfully operated on a patient having a large Renal stone. He did a PCNL (Per cutaneous Nephrolithotripsy) with an Upper calyx puncture. He also delivered several talks on Urology-Stone disease, Prostate etc. for the department of Urology there. He was conferred a degree of 'Visiting Professor by the University of Timisoara, Romania.
We have started a department of Clinical Research where we conduct clinical trials on Prostate Cancer and other urological diseases at international level. We have trials with Amgen, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Astra-Zeneca etc. We work with Quintiles which is a leading Research organisation in USA/India.
Dr Janak Desai organised a workshop on Cancer Prostate in March 2006. Prof. Patrick Walsh from Johns Hopkins was the faculty and Dr. Janak Desai demonstrated Nerve Sparing Radical Prostatectomy before an audience of 250 Urologists.
Samved Hospital is a specialized centre for managing Cancer Prostate. It is also a specialized center for Kidney Stones and Benign Enlargement of Prostate
KTP (Green Light) Laser for Benign Prostate Enlargement available at Samved Hospital
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